Friday, June 29, 2012

Story rant

Time for a little rant.
Sorry about that but sometimes some things have to be said.

I'm tired of lazy genre writing!

I'm not going to give names or titles here. I'm tired of lazy genre
writing in movies, TV shows and comics. And that goes especially for movies.

Lazy genre writing, you know how hack writers go at it: choose a genre,
find a reasonably intriguing hook, sketch out a few cliche characters,
fill the running time with random set pieces providing action with
predictable outcomes, prepare the 3rd act confrontation by killing a few
characters, design one last fight scene for the protagonist to
supposedly find redemption (a.k.a. 'change') and wrap the whole thing
with some kind of explosion physical or metaphorical. It's a wrap.
Never mind cliches, plot-holes, and lack of any point or theme or
relevance. Who cares?

How many of these stories have you experienced lately?
If you're a genre fan I bet it's a dozen.

Why is the entertainment industry so choke-full of those lazy bullshit
stories that have no other point than try to make money out of an
unsuspecting crowd?

Why millions are spent on horrendous writing that a 12 years old could spot?

If you are tired of this, as I am, please make your point and let the
people in charge hear you: we are sick and tired of lazy storytelling!

Get the slacker hacks out and spend time and care where it counts: the
damn story!

End of rant.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, June 08, 2012

Repossessed chapter 1 cover

And now, (orchestral score swells) time for the big reveal (gasps in the
audience) of the cover for Chapter 1 of REPOSSESSED! (Wild cheers).

Hope you guys like the punchy idea I went for. I want it to stand out
from 10 feet away.

This is also the first time you can see the logo. I tried to keep it
simple but exciting with some offset coloring, and a bit of a symbolic
meaning if you can catch it.

REPOSSESSED is my upcoming graphic novel about forceful Demon eviction
by a crew of cool hard working guys.

More about it here:
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