Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's on!

My horror webcomic SHOCKPOPTERROR! is in the competition for October on! What does that mean? First that you can go here: link and read 8 pages of grindhouse slasher tongue-in-cheek horror action in preparation for Halloween. Second that if you like what you see you should VOTE for my webcomic! Registration is super simple (and there is no spam to fear), and the big Vote button is on the right. You click it and you're done. If I win at the end of the month you will get to read the rest of the story in 60 pages (and I can promise thrills and chills aplenty) and I get a cool contract form DC Comics. You know that in these bad economic times you can help a creator and get to read a ultracool webcomic for free. What could be better? Nothing! So please please please, if you like it vote for it. It's 10 seconds of your time but it's a lot of my future. Thanks!