Friday, January 30, 2009

The TRANSHUMAN trade paperback is out at last! It's a funny and ironic take on the future of humanity and the companies that make it possible (or impossible) treated as a documentary. 
It's written by Jonathan Hickman so you know it's good. As for the art said: "The filmic, documentary style of the book is beautifully reinforced by the artwork of JM Ringuet. Its integrity in its approach to realistic lighting and the use of subtly different frames in sequence, along with images presented as photographs, security camera footage and archival interviews, all make for a consistent and effective impression of handheld, digital camerawork and an engrossing reading experience." 
Graphic Novel Summary: story JONATHAN HICKMAN art & cover J.M. RINGUET From JONATHAN HICKMAN, creator THE NIGHTLY NEWS, PAX ROMANA and A RED MASS FROM MARS, comes a story that covers the discovery of superhuman genetic engineering, the companies built on the back of that discovery and the marketing war to bring it into each and every one of our homes. Collects TRANSHUMAN #1-4 120 PAGES $14.99 

You can run to your comic shop and buy it or order it online from these fine retailers: 

You can see a preview of Issue 4 right there: 

And you can also click on the label 'Transhuman' on the right hand bar to see more pages.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An interview of myself about nothing in particular but somewhat interesting, I hope, has been posted on: Have a look if you will.