Saturday, June 28, 2008

A good video review of Sparks is at: the Newsarama official vidcast. And you can see some of the art too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

From what I have heard here and there SPARKS Issue #1 is selling very well and even selling out in some shops. If this is the case in your local comic shop please order the book so they can include it in their reorders. Thanks to all of you who have bought the book. And if you're not sure about buying it or have no idea what I'm talking about check the 10 pages preview at Newsarama: Preview link

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sparks Issue 1 is still out tomorrow, and you should buy it, especially if you believe this review: "JM Ringuet, who provides the art, does a great job. His blocky figures don’t seem to fit well with a superhero book, but this is much more a noir tale than a superhero one, and Ringuet gives us a great feel for the period and for the spookiness of the city. He has a couple of gorgeous splash pages that really sink us into the book, and when Sparks and Serenity are trying to figure out what’s going in the latter part of the book, Ringuet’s strong art is all the storytelling that is needed - we get a perfect sense of the scene, and the tension rises immeasurably, largely because it’s silent." And it's Comic Book Ressources, the best comic site on the net so I think you can trust them :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SPARKS Issue #1 is out TOMORROW! So get to your local comic shop and buy it! No seriously, buy it, it's a good book. Sex, violence, mystery and masked vigilantes, what else to ask for?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sorry for the long delay but I have been working hard to finish Transhuman #3 and to prep the June 18 launch of Sparks. Finishing Issue #5 of Sparks at the moment and I can tell you guys you are in for a ride. If you buy Issue #1 (and you should), you will HAVE to buy all the following issues, it's that cool of a page turner. It's superheroes, and pulp detectives, and great drama, with an amazing cast of characters. You owe to yourself to check out #1 in comic shops on Wednesday June 18 (in 2 weeks). And best thing you are assured of one new issue every month, regular as clockwork! (We are five issues ahead). Don't wait for the trade, this is from a small publisher and there won't be a trade if nobody buy the single issues. To tease you here is the cover for Issue 2.