Sunday, December 30, 2007

First pages of Art for TRANSHUMAN Transhuman is a book I'm doing with Jonathan Hickman for Image due next March and Image has released the first pages of art. I'm not sure I am allowed to post them on the blog just yet so I'll just post some links for now. TRANSHUMAN #1 (of 4) written by JONATHAN HICKMAN art by JM RINGUET cover by JONATHAN HICKMAN "DISCOVERY" From JONATHAN HICKMAN, creator of The Nightly News, PAX Romana and Red Mass For Mars, comes Transhuman, a story that covers the discovery of superhuman genetic engineering, the companies built on the back of that discovery and the marketing war to bring it into each and every one of our homes. Illustrated by JM RINGUET, Transhuman is a mockumentary told in the same vein as the great Christopher Guest movies Spinal Tap and Best in Show. March 12 • 32 pages • FC • $3.50. 1 2 3 4 TRANSHUMAN is like nothing you have ever read, it's a challenging blend of smart subtle humor and a gripping satirical plot told through the conflicting voices of a motley cast. It's like Spinal Tap meets Wall Street in a world where superhumans are becoming a reality through science and corporate wars. It's unique and it's written by Jonathan Hickman so you should expect something new, something fun, and something thought provoking.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Time to show some Sparks! Sparks is a Superhero Noir story set in 1948 in a city that could be London or that could be New York, following Ian Sparks, a man who has always dreamed of becoming a masked vigilante but discovers the price to pay to become a hero is too high. A dark, relentless story about self discovery, heroism, failed lives and maybe redemption. It is written by Christopher Folino (writer and movie director), presented by William Katt (actor on The Greatest American Hero), and with art by me. The book will be published by Catastrophic Comics, the new imprint from William Katt and the first issue should be available in comic stores early 2008. I'll be showing a few things about the book, starting here with some character design for Ian Sparks. More to come soon.