Friday, November 30, 2007

Not a very new image but something interesting I feel. Character design for a videogame I did for a Japanese company. No idea if the game was ever made. Main character was supposed to be a female ninja (videogames can be so original and meaningful). Anyway I quite like the poses and the costumes (which are quite traditional but presented in a more modern way). I hope you like it too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Supercharger is moving along, slowly but surely. It is due next year from Ape (probably later part of the year). I will soon have more to show about it on a dedicated blog, behind the scenes, progress, and all around goodness. In the meantime, here is page 1 of Issue #1:

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm currently working, among other things, on a book written by Jonathan 'the Nightly News' Hickman for Image Comics called Transhuman. Jonathan talks about it at Newsarama: "I’ve got Transhuman, which starts in March 2008. That’s with an artist named J.M. Ringuet, who’s colored some books for BOOM! Studios. It’s the first book he’s drawn, and he’s already turned in some pages, it’s really amazing stuff. Transhuman is a mockumentary about genetic engineering. It’s completely different from any of the other books I’ve done. It start off with the innovation of creating a genetically engineered “product,” then takes you through building a business, the IPO, the marketing wars, but poking fun at it in that sort of Christopher Guest Best in Show way." That book is definitely going to be something different, smart and funny. The Nightly News trade is in shops now, and it is a great read, in the great tradition of smart comic writers (Moore, Ellis, Morrison, etc.). You should definitely read it. And more about Jonathan's other new books here: Here is one sketch of one of the main characters in Transhuman. It's a bit early to show off anything but you can get an idea of the style (and how it has evolved from the previous post I did about Transhuman).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some words from Chris Moreno about my colors on his pencils: 'JM Ringuet, our colorist on the book really took that notion and ran with it. It doesn't look like your typical comic book. he demonstrated that ably on Death Comes to Dillinger, so I felt more than comfortable letting him play on my work. This book is very much like free-form Jazz-- I do this, then they do this, but how about this? It comes out better because of it.' 'I think once the first few pages started coming back from JM, I really got a sense of what we were really doing on the book. His layers of texture just amazed me. One of the scenes takes place in a diner, and he actually layered in what looks like menu pictures onto the pages, in the backgrounds. Truly inspired. This kind of stuff definitely informed how I drew subsequent pages.' 'What can I say about JM that I haven't already shouted from the mountaintops? He's a real craftsman. He's got a great color sense, making choices that I never would have thought of. I went into this series without any preconceived notion of what it would look like, especially because, in working with JM, I wanted to see my work through his colors. By no means was I disappointed.' Well thanks Chris! The whole interview here.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

An interview of the creators of 'Johnny Delgado is Dead', a book I am coloring for Top Cow/Spacedog/Kompany X. Here is what they have to say about me: 'I had seen JM Ringuet's work in Death Comes to Dillinger, and I was blown away. His work is full of life and emotion, very harsh and very mythic. His colors tell a story, and his work feels very much a part of the Southwest ethos.' Very nice. More here.