Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time for an update! I can say for sure now that SUPERCHARGER is going to be out sometime next year and it will be published by Ape Entertainment. It will be a hi-octane three issue miniseries full of speed and fury, each issue more or less self-contained with around 30 pages of content and some very original stuff thrown at the back of it (trust me on that). That should rock. The tagline (for now) is: 'When all Hell breaks lose, hit the road with a vengeance!' The first issue is called: Hell on wheels! The art style has been finalized. Here are some pages. For those who have seen them previously they will probably notice more realistic, subdued, dusty color schemes and less emphasis on the lineart to give it a half painted look. I did some experimentations with graphic elements and layouts and will do more in the upcoming books. You also can see the new logo: simple and effective, with a little 70s throwback flavor. There will be a blog soon to document the creation of the book and give a lot of peaks under the hood. There will also probably be a contest. Comments, ideas, requests or any other thing, email at superchargercomic(at)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Here are some character designs, for some vague project that will probably not happen at that point but the process of doing those characters was interesting. The style is 'European', the genre scifi although I tried to give it a weird modern 60s revival slant. I could go farther, it's more of a first try. Interesting I guess for what they are, quick designs trying to express different type of characters, different shapes, different states of mind. Maybe they work in places. More character designs to come, for different projects.